Quotations from the Book

Crown Your Life With a Majestic Purpose

"Youths with great directions and grand purposes will be the achievers and leaders of tomorrow."

"The wonderful thing about purpose is the delightful feeling of 'looking forward to something'...May your life be full of such feelings of anticipation."

"...for them life was a romance and a glorious adventure. They devoted their lives to a cause greater than their normal selves,
and left their beautiful imprints on humanity."

The Winner's Image

"The building of a winning image requires that you start at the core of everything, because everything counts. Whatever are created and developed inside us are revealed externally to discerning eyes."

"All though your life, you must strive to be the kind of person whose arrival can light up a room and enrich the people and things in it."

Burning Desire

"Life is an adventure, give it all you have got. Think of great enjoyment, and associate massive pleasures with purpose and persistence... Make plans, get excited and act now...Improve your life by daring to live out your dreams."

"Everywhere success abounds where it is flaring with aspirations. The joy of someone filled with an urge for conquest is unequaled. Nothing can stop a feverish achiever who is propelled by a lust for victory."

The Magic of the Positive Mind

"Since the outside environment is complex and difficult for everyone alike, the chief determinant of success and happiness is none other than our positive attitude and inner selves..."

" Our thoughts affect the way we act, and mould the kind of lives we live. The belief that we can succeed boosts our likelihood of success tremendously."

"...nothing is more fortunate than someone who discovers his mind's powers early in life, this saves you years of hardships and problems!"

"All our thoughts tend to take tangible forms and
materialise in our lives, they create our reality."

Visualisation and Affirmation: the Magic Carpet

"It's all in the mind. When I was young, I visualised myself being and having what it was I wanted...The mind is really so incredible.

Before I won my first Mr Universe, I walked around the tournament like I owned it. I had won it so many times in my mind that there was no doubt that I would win it."

- A. Schwartznegger


"We can easily cultivate our enthusiasm by mixing with enthusiastic people, reading motivational materials and thinking enthusiastic thoughts. Then we set our desired goals, 'dance' merrily towards them, and enjoy every minute of the way. There is so much in the world to see and do, people to meet, adventures to enjoy, great abundance to cherish and to give. There is more than enough, to keep us amused every hour of the day, every day of the year. Life is wonderful!"


"I am lucky, motivation comes to me as naturally as breathing and blinking. This because I have goals, and my burning desire stirs and steers me toward them. I always say motivation is simple, once you have set the goals to work on, action is motivation."

Action however, must come first. If we wait till we are comfortable and in the mood, we may wait for ever! If we wait for the perfect circumstances to act we will never begin; we will strive for perfection, we will be frustrated most of the time."

Time, the Priceless Commodity

" People say land is limited and precious, but you can still reclaim more land from the sea. Can you relive your 8th birthday or bring back yesterday? When time is gone, it is gone forever. All the money in the world will not buy back yesterday; that is how priceless time is! ‘Lost time cannot be recover- ed.’ Benjamin Franklin said, 'Dost thou love life? Then do not squander time, for that is the stuff life is made of.’"

Empowering Others

"If we could make others feel enlivened and honoured, we could work miracles. If we could empower everyone we meet, the world would be a different place."

"Let us see value, potential and greatness in people beyond their imperfections. After all, everyone is unique and has a contribution to make. This fresh attitude and approach to human interaction will bring strength, support, growth and fulfillment for each other."

Problems and Setbacks

"One weekend long ago, my brother was steering a open boat up a river in Borneo with 18 friends. We were eager to reach the picnicking place, to swim and fish in the sparkling waters of the lush rain forest. Suddenly clouds appeared from nowhere; then it rained cats and dogs. Most of us were drenched.

Surprisingly, my brother enjoyed the punishing wind and rain as a refreshing downpour. He started singing, and led the group into merry-making songs, with hand-clapping and drumming of kitchen utensils. We enjoyed the whole expedition to the end. We could easily have whined and mourned, made the day difficult and filled it with anger and anguish, but our response made heaven of hell!"

Stress, Worry, Fear and Depression

"The capacity to take misfortune, and make something good out of it is a rare talent, but this can be developed. You can begin by taking some time to watch and emulate the little sunbird or hummingbird outside your window.

It is perpetually busy, looking left and right, singing searching, exploring and enjoying its life to the fullest. It has no time for anything negative. For me, I only need to wake up with this line that sends stress packing and running away:
‘I want to enjoy and progress every minute of this day!’"

Change, Ongoing Improvements and Growth

"Recently I put the following motto
  on the walls of my children’s bedroom:

I’m in love with life, I can’t get enough of it!
I’m enjoying and progressing every minute of the day.

"The world has been changed and beautified by the burning desire and actions of great men and women. Take your turn now...Do all you can to be better today than yesterday."

The Successful Personality

"If we look around us, we see people who are inspired and motivated by their thoughts and habits instead of being inhibited by them. We observe those who think and act richly, gaining spiritual and physical wealth, while others are laden with emotional and material poverty. We notice individuals with vision and inspiration as against those smothered by monotony and doubts.

Many are spurred by dreams and ambition; in contrast others are imprisoned in listlessness and despair. Some seek opportunity, others wait for it to knock. Many reach for the pinnacles, but many more hide in the pits. We notice those polished and adorned with culture, taste and refine- ment, while others behave coarsely and rudely. We watch success snow- balling while failure perpetuates itself."

More Morality, Less Misery

"In this world many people have swimming pools, others are struggling to keep their heads above water. Some cry tears of joy while others lament in sorrow. Jonathan Swift noted; ‘Nothing is so hard for those who abound in riches as to conceive how others can be in want.’

The income gap between rich and poor is big and widening; yet many are oblivious of it. Ruthless ambition and moral decay is becoming widespread. Amidst economic abundance, many of us starve, not physically, but spiritually."

True Riches

"Awaken the giant inside you. Be a champion, a star of the greatest magnitude in talents, calibre, will-power and performance. Help to build a world that enhances human well-being. Make your love a miracle, your work a marvel, your contribution a masterpiece, and your life a monument."